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2023-11-10: Static builds for arm64/aarch64[edit | edit source]

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Ciudad (1929), a wood relief painting by Pompeyo Audivert

Starting with btrfs-progs v6.1.3 i have provided statically built btrfs-progs, but so far there has only been x86_64 versions possible.

I saw on #btrfs IRC channel that someone needed newer arm64/aarch64 version than their distro provided. Since I already had a build environment set up for making the static x86_64 version, it wasn't hard to make one for arm64/aarch64. The build targets the armv8-a specification, which should work on all 64bit Arm systems.

The caveat is that I don't have any arm hardware available, so I have only been able to test these binaries in a QEMU virtual machine.

Starting with btrfs-progs v6.6.1, you can now get arm versions from