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Image of a Swedish lake in the county of Södermanlands Län
Swedish lake in the county of Södermanlands Län

Forza's ramblings[edit | edit source]

Hi there,

Welcome to my private and personal space on the Internet. Here you'll find some tips and tricks, personal blog entries, photos and other things that are interesting to me.

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Latest Blog Posts[edit | edit source]

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31 January 2021: Blog/Btrfs-progs v5.10 released
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19 January 2021: Blog/Winter sky
28 November 2020: Blog/Night-Time view in Gnesta
20 November 2020: Blog/Dealing with Anger using Mindfulness
2 November 2020: Blog/Disable Network Offloading on XenServer and XCP-ng
25 October 2020: Blog/SQLite Performance on Btrfs
16 October 2020: Blog/NFS Server Logging