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Btrfs is a modern filesystem for Linux aimed at implementing advanced features while also focusing on fault tolerance, repair and easy administration. Btrfs can be used as a generic filesystem in most situations.

Originally developed in 2007, Btrfs has evolved steadily and continues to see heavy active development. It's on-disk format has been considered stable since 2013.

Btrfs combines many features traditionally found in md and LVM, as well as introducing new concepts such as subvolumes. This makes Btrfs very versatile compared with traditional Linux filesystem like ext4.

One important benefit is that Btrfs keeps checksums for all data, not only metadata. This means it can reliably detect and automatically repair, depending on chosen profile, corruptions where it would go unnoticed in other filesystems.

Most of Btrfs management tasks are done online while the filesystem is mounted. This includes adding and removing drives, performing scrubs (data validation), changing profiles and resizing the filesystem.

Help[edit | edit source]

If you need help with your Btrfs filesystem you can join the Btrfs/IRC channel on Libera.Chat. It is important that you ask for help before trying advanced tools such as btrfsck --repair as that could seriously hinder your ability to recover or even damage your filesystem further.

There is also a mailing list where you can ask for help. More information on how to ask questions at