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2023-10-05: Btrfs-progs v6.5.2[edit | edit source]

btrfs-progs v6.5.2 was released yesterday.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

New features:

  • raid-stripe-tree, new tree to track extent mapping for raid profiles, allows raid1*, raid0 and raid10 on zoned devices (kernel 6.7)
  • simple quotas, simplified accounting that does not track exclusive and shared extents (kernel 6.7)
  • mkfs with duplicate UUID on a single device, temp-fsid (kernel 6.7)
  • metadata_uuid: enhanced capabilities to repair partially updated fsid on multiple devices


  • updated tests and CI
  • sync sources with kernel

Other notable changes of the 6.5 series are:

  • crc32c implementation speedup (3x)
  • check: verify metadata item level when skinny-metadata is enabled
  • build fixes: detect if PCLMUL feature is recognized by compiler and also detect that at runtime
  • libbtrfs: fix ABI breakage introduced in 6.3.1, revert struct subvol_info and subvol_uuid_search changes
  • experimental feature updates (json, list-chunks, checksum switch)

Static Builds[edit | edit source]

As usual there is a static build available, both at and at my own mirror

Static builds can run without installation on any x86_64 Linux system as they have no runtime dependencies other than the Linux kernel.

For more information about static builds, check out the dedicate wiki page Btrfs/Statically_built_btrfs-progs