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2023-10-21: Btrfs-progs v6.5.3[edit | edit source]

Red and gold great buddha, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore.

btrfs-progs version 6.5.3 have been released.

This brings raid-stripe-tree as an experimental feature.

The raid-stripe-tree adds another address translation layer between the logical and the physical addresses in btrfs and is designed to close two gaps. The first is the ominous RAID-write-hole we suffer from with RAID5/6 and the second one is the inability of doing RAID with zoned block devices.



  • add short aliases for -O specification, block-group-tree (bgt), free-space-tree (fst), raid-stripe-tree (rst)
  • don't try to resize the image (namely when backed by file) when --rootdir contains sparse file larger than the image
  • also copy xattr/permissions/ugid/timestamps of the top --rootdir directory
  • add new option --device-uuid to let user specify exact uuid of the device item (only for single device filesystems)


  • on zoned devices, use correct super block offsets when repairing

check inline extent refs order

  • subvolume create: add new option --parent to create missing path components of the given path (like mkdir -p)
  • rescue clear-ino-cache: new command moved from 'btrfs check' implementing the same as option --clear-ino-cache (to be deprecated and removed in the future)
  • dump-tree: allow '-' in tree identifier names for option -t


  • drop short option and add long option to enable squota
  • tune space reservation and batch size for block-group-tree conversion
  • scrub status: print correct value of "Bytes scrubbed" for unfinished runs
  • qgroup show: fix crash when attempting to print path of stale qgroups

experimental features:

  • move build of raid-stripe-tree out for testing but it's still considered experimental


  • shell completion updates
  • sync raid-stripe-tree code with kernel
  • build fixes
  • new and updated tests

Static Builds[edit | edit source]

As usual there is a static build available, both at and at my own mirror

For more information about static builds, check out the dedicate wiki page Btrfs/Statically_built_btrfs-progs