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Btrfs-progs v6.8[edit | edit source]

A red laser beam cutting through a metal block.
Laser light guided through a water jet. Photo: ESA

Btrfs progs v6.8 was released today.


  • fix --enqueue option timeout handling
  • subvolume: remove support for undocumented options -c and -x, functionality disabled in kernel


  • version 0.1.3, backward compabile
  • add aliases for all existing functions with unified naming scheme
  • updated header defintions for recently added kernel features


  • send: v3 supported in experimental mode
  • docs: manual page references, graphs, enhancements, clarifications
  • error handling fixes
  • cleanups and refactoring

Static builds for aarch64 and x86_64[edit | edit source]

As usual there are static builds for ARM64/aarch64 and AMD64/x86_64 available at

For more information about static builds, check out the dedicate wiki page Btrfs/Statically_built_btrfs-progs