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2021-04-11: MediaWiki 1.35.2 security upgrade

The new MediaWiki logotype officially announced 2021-03-31

MediaWiki is the software that runs Wikipedia and thousands of other wiki sites. A security update to version 1.35.2 was released on 8th of April. It was originally planned to be released on 1st of April, but it was decided that releasing April Fool's day wasn't so good :)

Head over to to fetch the latest release.

Don't forget to read the release notes

One of the major changes is the new MediaWiki Logo which is a result of the long discussions and evaluation of several options during 2020.,_2020

A note on upgrading

I've done the upgrade myself, and though fairly straight-forward I suggest you start fresh and move back images/*, LocalSettings.php and then re-install any plugins you want to use. Some are not compatible with the new MediaWiki version, and others will need updates to work.

A full guide on how to upgrade MediaWiki is available at

Running on Apache

In order for the VisualEditor to work properly on Subpages you need to add AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode to your vhost config.[1]