From Forza's ramblings

Morning Light

Awakening to the first light,
I stretch my limbs in gentle grace,
Embracing this new day's birth.

With eyes open wide, I see
The world come alive with dawn,
And feel its pulse within me.

In silence, I am one
With every rising sunbeam,
Each ray a gift from heaven above.

For in this moment, pure and bright,
I find myself anew, reborn,
As if on the wings of angels, soaring high.

My heart is filled with boundless joy,
And gratitude for life's sweet blessings:
Air to breathe, earth beneath my feet,
Sunlight warming my soul, and love surrounding me.

I bow in deep reverence,
To the countless wonders of creation,
And all beings who share this journey with me.

With each breath, I am reminded,
Of the preciousness of life,
And vow to live it fully, mindfully,
In service to others and myself.

So let us dance upon this earth,
These fleeting moments of our existence.