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2020-08-10: Amazing slowworms

Anguis fragilis is a reptile native to Eurasia. These legless lizards are also sometimes called common slowworms. The "blind" in blindworm refers to the lizard's small eyes, similar to a blindsnake (although the slowworm's eyes are functional).

Yesterday I came across this beauty during a walk down to the lake. I've always been fascinated by Slowworms or "Copper Lizards" as we call them here in Sweden. They have no legs and looks just like a small snake. They are however completely harmless :).

One difference between a snake and the slowworm is that, just like regular lizards, they have eyelids and can blink.

Another interesting fact is that they give birth to live children and they live about 30-50 years old!

Forza (talk) 13:57, 10 August 2020 (UTC)