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scsi-tgt v1.0.89[edit | edit source]

Close up picture showing the actuator with the reading head against the mirror surface of the magnetic disk.
A harddrive's inners.

On November 1, Fujita released a new version of the [tgt] user-space iSCSI target server.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Prevents threads from looping indefinitely.

Solves an issue where a thread in tgtd may not have finished writing data to the kernel when an initiator (client) has closed.

  • tgtd.initd: add missing tgtd_opts.

Adds a missing ${tgtd_opts} on command line argument in the OpenRC init.d script.

Alpine Linux: move scsi-tgt to community repository[edit | edit source]

I am very happy with how well scsi-tgt has worked for us in production over the past several months, so I think it's time to graduate the package from testing to community repo.

I sent in a merge request, which was accepted today. The available scsi-tgt packages can be found on